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Restore Your Smile
Restore Health and Vibrancy to Your Smile

If you are facing smile challenges such as missing or broken teeth, we can help!

Each person's dental health is a little different, so we begin with a complete dental examination and consultation to learn more about you and your goals for your smile. Dr. Gowasack will listen carefully to your concerns and work with you to create a plan to help you restore your oral health.

Restorative services we provide to rebuild teeth to healthy function and natural-looking appearance include:

Today's dental composite filling materials are available in every tooth shade and are barely detectable after they are placed. Dental composite materials are mercury-free; they are placed using an adhesive bonding technique which helps minimize the amount of existing tooth structure that must be removed to retain the filling.

Dental implants are small threaded attachments for dental crowns, bridges or dentures. They are placed by an oral surgeon or periodontist (gum specialist) to replace the root of a missing tooth. Dr. Gowasack works closely with local dental specialists to bring health and function back to your smile, so you can enjoy the foods you love again.

When teeth crack or break, a dental crown may be needed to cover the tooth and preserve the remaining tooth structure and tooth root. If a tooth becomes infected and requires removal, Dr. Gowasack may recommend a bridge. A dental bridge replaces the lost tooth with a crown that is connected to abutment crowns on adjacent teeth.

A root canal is needed to save a tooth when the nerve becomes infected. Dr. Gowasack removes the infected nerve tissue and seals the canals inside the tooth roots with a medicated material to help prevent breakage or re-infection. A completed root canal is usually covered with a dental crown for added protection.

When multiple teeth are missing, a removable partial or complete denture may be needed. Dr. Gowasack works closely with local dental specialists and dental laboratories to design a denture that looks like natural teeth.

When the infection or damage to a tooth makes it non-repairable, Dr. Gowasack may recommend that the tooth be removed to eliminate the infection and allow the mouth to heal. Dr. Gowasack sometimes refers patients to an oral surgeon for tooth extraction.

Collaboration with Dental Specialists

Over the years, Dr. Gowasack has formed strong working relationships with local dental specialists such as oral surgeons, periodontists (gum specialists) and endodontists (root canal specialists).

When it is necessary to refer a patient to a dental specialist, Dr. Gowasack works closely with them to develop a treatment plan to address complex needs and restore health to the patient's smile.

Is your smile feeling less than perfect?

We invite you to Contact Us to schedule a complete examination and consultation with general and cosmetic dentist, Brian Gowasack, D.D.S. in our Conyers dental practice.